My Favorite Book Series

I love love love to read. At home I have a huge library, and since I’ve been moving around the last few years, my iPad and Kobo follow me wherever I go. I love two things : book series and dystopias. Luckily for me, the two often go hand in hand. These are my favorite book series, and why:

Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

The third book Allegiant is coming out in 6 days (eeeeeeekk) and I cannot wait. I’m re-reading the first two books in the meantime (habit of mine), which is reminding me just how much I love this book series. Tris is one of the strongest female characters I have ever read about, and I like that the love story in this book is not too soppy, but actually pretty believable. It will be interesting to see the movie’s version of the story next year. So far, pretty happy with the casting choices! Also, always wondering which faction I’d belong in, still haven’t decided!

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Again, a dystopia, showing how humans have tried (and failed) to create an organised society, forming distinct groups with distinct functions, after a huge war. I love Katniss’ relationships with her little sister and Peeta. I love the action, the two arenas are so cleverly thought out. And I love love love(d?) Cinna. Although the third book does drag on a bit in my opinion, overall I really enjoy reading and rereading this series. The first film was great in my opinion, I thought it followed the book pretty well and I’ve always loved Jennifer Lawrence so was very happy with that choice. Can’t wait for the second one in November!

Birthright Trilogy by Gabrielle Zevin

I love chocolate, and so naturally I was very intrigued when I heard about this book. I think Anya is witty and brave, and I like the Romeo and Juliet plot between her and Win, also an extremely likeable character. I’m very much a family person, and so love the way she fiercely protects her brother and sister.

Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas

I think this is officially a trilogy, but Maas has been amazing and also released short stories. Celeana is THE definition of a hard-ass, she’s incredibly talented, intelligent and strong. She’s also manipulative and seductive, but (mostly) uses these skills for good. Also, I love Fleetfoot, best dog ever. But these books have made me weep time and time again (when will she stop losing everyone she cares about!).

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

Enough said really, but I will list the three things I love most about the books (not the films!): Fred and George’s hilarious lines, Ginny and Harry’s relationship… and THAT moment when you read the seventh book for the very first time and finally learned all about Snape and Lily and the last seven years of your life finally made sense. Well played JK, well played. (Fun fact: the first two chapters she wrote were the first chapter of the first book and the last chapter of the last book! Genius.)

Shatter Me Series, by Tahereh Mafi

Again, a trilogy with short stories in between. I’ve always been a fan of magical stories, and love the supernatural elements in these series. The author has created very real and interesting characters in my opinion, and I have yet to decide if I am team Warner or Adam.

Chaos Walking Trilogy, by Patrick Ness

What I loved about this series was the author’s very unique writing style, incorporating both the main character’s youth, and the omnipresent “Noise” he hears every minute of every day, everywhere he goes. Although the books are too big in my opinion and they do drag on sometimes, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket

I devoured all thirteen books when I was younger. As infuriated as I used to get by the children’s obliviousness (obviously, Count Olaf is RIGHT there in EVERY book), I liked the very different settings and story lines, and loved Snicket’s writing style. Whatever happened to him?