Lea Michele’s Sneak Peek at her Album Cover

Lea Michele is probably THE reason Glee is so popular. She’s got incredible talent. She sings like an angel and is a really good actress, in both comic situations and dramatic moments. Rachel is one of my favorite Glee characters (no one will beat Santana!), and I must admit that this season I find myself skipping through McKinley scenes and only following the New York plotlines. Lea is also extremely likeable as a person, and the whole world shared her pain when her boyfriend died this summer, and again last week during the tribute episode. Her rendition of “Make You Feel My Love” went viral, and yes, got a few tears from me!

Sneak Peek at Lea Michele’s Album Cover

Lea is releasing a solo album soon, which I’m really excited about! Her voice is incredible when she covers classic love ballads and pop songs on Glee, but I can’t wait to see what her original songs will be like. Last night she released a sneak peek of her album cover on her Twitter feed, and wow, she looks incredible. 0% Rachel, 100% Lea! Now when’s the release date, Lea?

lea michele new album