Downton Abbey S04 E04

British period drama Downton Abbey is one of my all-time favorite shows. I love the setting, the costumes, the characters, the actors (Maggie Smith may be the funniest actress ever), and yes, even the plot lines. Now even though my world was shattered by Sybil’s death in Season 3, and I thought the show had sealed its fate by killing off its most likeable character (as you can see, not so fussed by Matthew’s accident), I’m really enjoying Season 4. So every week I’ll be doing a quick recap of Downton: the ups, the downs and the best Maggie Smith moment. Enjoy!

Downton S04E04: the ups, the downs and the best Maggie Smith moment

What I loved : Tony’s amazingly romantic proposal and Mrs. Hughes being a hard ass with Edna

What I didn’t love : Tom’s affair (where have all the good men gone?) and Edith, in my opinion, being taken advantage of by her soon-to-be-German (don’t get me started) boyfriend

Best Maggie moment : “If we only had moral thoughts, what would the poor churchmen find to do?” Amen, Maggie.

downton abbey